Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quicken Essentials for Mac Installation

Installation of Quicken Essentials for Mac was very straightforward. Upon inserting the CD, the following window appears:
As with many Mac applications, installation simply consists of dragging the application to your Applications folder (and the CD provides a handy shortcut).

The "Converting?" folder caught my attention. Inside is an application that those of you using previous versions of Quicken will need to use:

The conversion of your old Quicken data file isn't done in QEM itself, but by this separate Quicken File Exchange Utility. More on that later.

After installation I launched QEM, and was immediately encouraged to update the software from version 1.0f4238 to 1.1f4438 (gotta love those version numbers). Downloading and updating the software was again straightforward:
Once the application updated an re-launched, I was left with the QEM overview screen. Nothing much to see here, since I hadn't set up any accounts or imported any data:

And we're off and running! Score two for Intuit -- installation and the update were very Mac-like. Also, I'll note that at no time was I asked for a serial number.

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Kenny said...

So are you going to have to change the name of your blog now? :o)