Friday, June 26, 2009

Game Over - the Ultimate Suckage

I've been getting OL-249 messages from my bank in Quicken 2006 for about the last week. I called the bank's technical support, and they say that Quicken had end-of-lifed Quicken 2006 for Mac.

Normally, that might be OK (where "OK" includes having a gun jabbed in your ribs like in a Bogart movie), but the current situation is double-extra screwed. Quicken Financial Life for Mac is still in beta, and the last I looked it was lacking several features that are show-stoppers for me (e.g., reporting and budgeting). Quicken for Mac 2007 is a dead man walking - it will be EOLed as soon as QFLM comes out.

So, I can't use my existing Quicken. The new Quicken is still not ready for prime-time. Therefore, my bank is effectively inaccessible from Quicken.

Update: as pointed out by a reader, there is a fix from Quicken - It's a little weird, but it works.