Monday, March 29, 2010

Useless Spending Cloud

One of the gripes about Quicken Essentials for Mac is that there are fewer reporting options available. The QEM team did find time to put in a "spending cloud"

The deal with the cloud is that it shows you where you're spending your money, using font sizes to show relative amounts. The idea of a tag cloud isn't new, but this seems pretty useless to me. Yes, our mortgage dwarfs the rest of our spending. Not much insight there.

What's worse is that it seems like QEM is double-counting some of the categories. I've got my Utilities category subdivided into areas like Water, Gas and Electric, and Phone. Looking at the cloud, there's a slightly larger label for Utilities, but there's also labels for the subcategories as well.

Instead of spending time on the spending cloud, it would be nice if the QEM team would figure out something like the spending comparison report.

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