Thursday, February 4, 2010

More details from the Intuit - purchase

I'll admit, I've been slacking off on reading Intuit's Quicken Blog. Here's some interesting tidbits from the last few months.

As is typical in this type of acquisition, Intuit has decided to end-of-life their own product (Quicken Online), replacing it with what they just bought. Quicken Online is no longer open to new subscribers. Intuit is promising a seamless port from Quicken Online to, and to bring some of the features that QO had.

In their December 21st post, there's some screen shots of what Quicken Essentials for Mac might wind up looking like. What's also interesting is that it seems that the staff have become the group tasked with all of the Quicken products, regardless of platform. I'm maybe a little dismayed at the emphasis in this post on "glossy" features instead of, you know, useful features, or complete features.

Finally, in a post from earlier this week, Aaron Patzer ('s CEO, Intuit's new VP & GM of personal finance) says that the application is "just weeks away" from hitting the shelves. Says Aaron:
It’s a new era for the Mac product, with a new team at the helm, and gorgeous glossy design that will make you think it’s the missing iLife application. We can’t wait to show you.

Aaron -- we're looking forward to it. Remember -- cover flow is neat, but is no substitute for core functionality.

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