Thursday, February 18, 2010

Interview with Aaron Patzer

TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog) has an interview with Aaron Patzer, formerly of, who now heads Intuit's Personal Finance Group. It's a good read -- I'm maybe a little optimistic when I read things like this:

"When I first saw Quicken Financial Life, it had Cover Flow for no reason," he laughed. Cover Flow? No reason? Gone.

The Quicken Essentials for Mac site has been updated to indicate a Feb 25th release date. Will our long national nightmare finally come to an end?

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highlands said...

I pre-ordered it and just downloaded and set up my info. It's better then nothing but overall, a pretty weak effort. The reporting is very basic and shows the same chart of spending in multiple tabs. It would be nice to have a line graph to see how my overall spending, entertainment expense, net worth, etc have changed month to month. Also, two of my financial institutions aren't supported (paychex 401k and Banc of America Investments).

Overall, I'd say it's useful to have all your accounts and transactions viewable in one place, off the cloud, but that's all it's useful for