Monday, December 29, 2008

The Suckage is Official!

I just got this email from Quicken:
We expect to release Quicken Financial Life for Mac in summer 2009. If you have an immediate need for a Quicken product for the Mac, we would encourage you to check out our current Mac offering, Quicken for Mac 2007.
Given that it was supposed to ship in Fall 2008, and it didn't, should anyone hold their breath for Summer 2009? I for one, won't - I've gotta find something more usable before then.

And just to pile-on the complaints, their email contained this bit:
Due to overwhelming interest in the beta, at this time we cannot accommodate your request to participate. We’re sorry that we are not able to accommodate everyone who was interested in joining.
That's a fine sentiment, but why did they send this four months after I signed up? Why couldn't they send that out sooner, even if the didn't know their release date? IMHO they seem to have some serious problems with time and schedules, which is all the more reason why I doubt Summer 2009.

Update: AppleInsider posted release notes from the current beta software. Not much to see there - just one screen shot.


Tom said...

I got the same email. I'm getting ready to set a New Year's Resolution to move away from Quicken. More on that soon.

Stuntweiner said...

I was in the beta. The proposed product was, in a word, horrible. The majority of it didn't work at all, and the remainder worked improperly. It is a significant departure from Q2007, and not in a "better" way.

They abruptly discontinued the beta last month, and the last downloaded version no longer works after a certain date. I seriously doubt they will get anything out this year, judging from the speed they operate and the amount of work left to do. I'll bet they sunset the whole Q-Mac platform and force everybody to Q-online. That's probably where Q will inevitably go anyway, IMHO.

p.s. Love your blog. Keep up the nice work.

David said...

Apparently they have pushed the release back to Fall 09 according to the intuit website

Tom said...


I was in the beta too. To paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen: "I've seen beta products. Beta products have been good friends of mine. You, sir, are no beta." I would have posted screenshots of the beta to show how much it truly sucked, but I didn't want to run afoul of Intuit corporate, and I didn't want to spend any time reading the EULA.

@David: As I posted recently, Intuit is now saying pre-orders will be accepted in October 2009, with a ship date of Feb 2010.