Friday, April 23, 2010

$20 rebate for Quicken Essentials for Mac Early Adopters; Improvements Promised

Intuit has announced today that they are dropping the price for Quicken Essentials for Mac from $69 to $49, and is offering a $20 rebate to those of us who bought the software before April 19, 2010. Go to to find out the details of this rebate. Act fast -- the rebate period ends on May 31st.

In the same email that announced the rebate, the Quicken team has made promises of updates in the months to come. By the end of April, you'll be able to password-protect your data file and export transaction data to spreadsheets. By August, they're promising that we'll be able to:

  • Get a complete picture of current net worth by entering investment holdings from brokerages that do not connect to Quicken
  • Better understand spending by comparing between different time periods
  • Export tax-deductible expenses to tax filing programs like TurboTax
  • Track a budget across several months
We welcome these changes, and we'll check 'em out when we get them. (The second bullet point sounds like they're talking about the comparison report, which we noted was missing in action in our post about reports).

Update 4/24/10: Feel free to use this feedback form to tell Intuit what you think about Quicken Essentials for Mac.


No said...

The best thing would be for Intuit to copy the Windows version and make it work on the Mac.

I ran Quicken Essentials for 2 days before getting my money back! The should be ashamed of this product.

Anonymous said...

I have 12 years of data in Windows Quicken. i ran Quicken using Parallels/Windows XP2 with no problem -- until I updated to Quicken 2010, when doing anything became glacial. The program would flash for a few minutes after any action. I've gritted my teeth. With Quicken 2011 released, I finally asked Tech Support if that would improve the situation -- they confessed that both 2010 and 2011 had performance issues running in virtual systems, and they said it was entirely unsupported in 2011, "but it should work."

I was getting ready to bite the bullet and switch to Quicken Essentials when I saw it doesn't support Bill Pay, so it's truly crippled.

Unless someone hears that the feature will soon be added, I'm inclined to take my sleepy old Dell laptop and use it only for Quiicken!