Sunday, September 20, 2009

Intuit buys

Intuit has announced that they intend to buy

This announcement makes me sad. While I'm not a user, they were innovating in a space where Intuit was coasting. was forcing Intuit to look at innovation (do you think they would have created a free online product otherwise?); this acquisition takes some of the pressure off.

Other reaction from 37signals, fastcompany.


likelite said...

Ya know the really aggravating thing, too: Intuit supports about ten different versions of Quicken for Windows. There's a pro accounting version, even. One for small business. Several for home use.

Latest announcement on Quicken Mac 2010 is that they're dropping most of the stock-tracking functionality. WTF???!!! At this point, unless big changes are made and fast, I'm getting a copy of Parallels and any non-Intuit bookkeeping software I can find.

What a black eye for this company. Seriously. And it REALLY cheeses me off to see a competitor that might have saved us from Intuit's incompetent clutches sucked into its gaping maw.

帳號 said...
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