Monday, September 15, 2008

Quicken Financial Life for Mac Slipping...

Ars Technica has a posting titled "Wither Mac Quicken?" The title is a bit more dismal sounding than the apparent reality. Checking out Quicken's FAQ page for QFLM, the schedule does seem to be slipping:
  1. We will be releasing the product this Winter.
  2. The public Beta of Quicken Financial Life for Mac will begin this Fall.
They also say that they won't have online bill pay, but that's not important to me personally.

My biggest complaint is they say the beta will "begin the Fall", but I haven't heard anything directly from them after having registered. Pedantically speaking, Fall doesn't begin until the equinox, but then again, it doesn't end until the solstice, either. I hope "Fall" doesn't turn out to mean December 20th.

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